It’s a new oil that’s becoming the main ingredient for some beauty products nowadays.

Monoi Oil has become the latest natural phenomenon in beauty industry. It’s actually an infused perfume oil that is made by soaking the petals of Tiare Flower (which is the national flower of Tahiti) in a semi wax coconut oil. In ancient Tahitian language, Monoi means “scented oil”. Said to be soaked for 15 days and takes at least 15 unopened flowers to create just one litre of monoi oil, it is widely used by French Polynesians as hair and skin softener for generations. Rich in chemicals known as methyl salicylate which act as a skin soothing agent, no wonder this specific oil is one of a great way to moisturize your body and also your hair. We can also try the wonder of monoi oil through these 3 products.