Time to take the higher level of perfumery. Get a Bespoke Fragrance, created just for you.

The idea of customized your own scent is just perfect. Once, Christian Dior ever said “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting”. So, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some (rich and famous) people are willing to dig deep inside their pockets for the bespoke perfumers’ services. 

Bespoke perfumers offering highly tailored services to those who want to stand out from the crowd. Historically, traced back from the year 1730, Floris London have been creating bespoke perfume for highly esteemed clientele. They created fragrance named Special No.127 for Russia’s Grand Duke Orloff back in 1890.

Yes, perfume was like the preserve of the wealthy. Sourcing for rare ingredients out there, some bespoke perfumers also reported to spend months with a client to learn about his/her favorite scents, personal history and their dreams to capture that perfect scent. Are they that wanted? Yup, the waiting lists can stretch a year or more for some of the most highly sought-after perfumers. Are they expensive? Are you kidding? Even Forbes have the list for 7 top ones. Here they are:

– Francis Kurkdjian : FYI, Catherine Deneuve was one of this French nose’s client.
– Cartier : Reportedly the clients can only have a five-year exclusivity to their scent.
– Guerlain : Founded in 1828, they designed bespoke fragrances for author Honore de Balzac & European Royalty.
– Miller Harris : Lyn Harris, the perfumer, only takes six to ten clients each year.
– Roja Dove : Known as the “Professor of Parfums”, his bespoke perfume is filled inside bottles of Baccarat crystal.
– Blaise Mautin : One of the French nose that once flew by his client to Los Angeles to design a scent for his … helicopter.  
– Aftelier Perfumes : The only American nose in this list that created custom fragrances for celebrities.