For avid nail polish users like myself, there’s a huge possibility of having such dull looking nails that turned yellowish over time. And for avid hand washers like myself also, no wonder our cuticles look like a cracking dry soil. But, no worries, there’s always help. Use Mavala Lightening Nail Scrub Mask once or twice a week to exfoliate any impurities from your nails. It’ll help smooth the nail plates (for those wavy looking nail plates), soften cuticles and eliminate dead skin. Use this on clean nails, apply on each nail and let it set for 10 seconds to dry. After that gently massage your nails for another 10 seconds for each finger. Rinse with luke warm water, using the brush provided (I lost mine). And voila! Your nails will look brighter and cuticles softened.
Extra Tips:
– Use Cuticle Remover to remove your cuticles immediately after this treatment. 
– Don’t use nail polish every single day. Use them for three days only and let it breathe for another three days to avoid those yellowish looking nails. 


Love of blooming flowers and antique photographs created the perfect prints for Christopher Kane Resort Collection 2013. And for Peter Pilotto, it’s another carefully created digital print work for his Resort Collection as well. Peter collaborated with art director Jonny Lu to create the gorgeous kaleidoscopic print art. 


She sings errr rap like she talks (but in a fast mode ON), and apparently Mariah Carey is not very fond of her seating side by side at the American Idol’s judges seats. Nicki Minaj will be releasing her first fragrance called (what else?), Pink Friday. Named after her debut studio album, I believe this is the first celebrity fragrance bottle that spotted with the same hair do. Bright pink wig, giant gold necklace and smells like “angels’ playing” (that’s what she said on twitter), this fragrance produced by the same company behind Justin Bieber’s “Somebody” fragrance. I wonder, who’s next?


Named after her two sons (literally named Paul & Joe), Sophie Mechaly Albou created a menswear company at 1995. Seven years later, Paul & Joe Beaute, the cosmetic line was born. The retro modern packaging will attract our eyes along with the beautifully shot campaign. To connect it with the fashion line, they launched limited edition called “Collection Sparkles” which linked with that particular season’s fashion (for 2012 it’s called Feathered Fancies-seen here with the birds’ prints). To celebrate their 10th anniversary, check out this gorgeous campaign for their limited edition colors and pouch. 


One of the designers that put on digital print for most of her collection is Mary Katrantzou. Catapulted into the fashion world so quickly, her first collection was shown at London Fashion Week A/W 2008. And three years later, she already did her collaboration with the high street brand, Topshop. Earlier this year, she collaborated with Longchamp as well. These are my favorites from her Fall 2012 collections.