It’s scary to have oily face and it’s definitely yucky to be seen with one. Especially living in this super hot and humid city, oily faces are everywhere. Wipe with tissues is a big no no. If you’re sweaty, it’s very possible that the tissue paper will stuck on your face. My favorite is blotting paper.

Practical, easy to carry around inside the beauty pouch, and they were made to help you blot excess oils without disturbing your make up. You want to blot with style? Try these two. Mai Couture is a luxury beauty brand made for women on the go, and they created Blemish Control Blotting Paper. With a luxurious packaging that beats every drugstore’s usual blotters, it contains salicylic acid to help prevent breakouts. Paraben & Talc Free, it costs US$20 for 100 sheets.

New Kleenex Oil Blotter is my favorite. Pretty design and color it only costs S$3.65 for 50 sheets. Cheap yet capable enough to blot those oils away. Why I love it? It is two sided, plain and the patterned ones. Use the plain side to blot, and the patterned ones won’t be showing your left over oils to the world to see. Somehow, it made blotting look more discreet and elegant. Happy blotting!