Somehow, finding the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone seems to be a hard one. We tested it on the jaw line, on the back of our hand, and we all become a guinea pig for ourselves, because we can’t stop trying to find a perfect one. It’s like finding your true love, isn’t it? But now, there’s help for this makeup situation. Sephora and Pantone came up with this clever foundation matching tool called Color IQ. This device will scan the surface of your skin on the face and assign our complexion to an official Pantone Skintone number. Once we’ve got the number, it’ll be compared against Sephora’s Universal Skintone Guide (consists more than 1000 shades of foundation) to determine which product is a precise match for our skin tone. Said to be incredibly accurate, I can’t wait for Sephora to be open in Indonesia soon and bring this clever tool to my hometown.