Boooooo *thumbs down > Unlike many others that rely on Viva Eyebrow Pencil to create that perfect arches, I just don’t get the overrated reviews about it. I tried the brown color which I thought will suit my lighter hair better, but apparently, it’s too brown, it looked fake on me. I wouldn’t dare to try the black one.

Woohooo *thumbs up > Fascinated by the name, I’ve tried Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph (cute name, right?). It has double end, one to shape your brows, and the other one is a highlighter to be smudge on the brows’ bone. The texture of the pencil contains wax-like, so it really shaped the brows easily, and the highlighter is very easy to blend because of its’ creamy texture. The color is perfect, it looks natural.

Yeaaayyyy *all fingers up > My newest darling, Anastasia Beverly Hills. Love the automatic pencil that doesn’t require sharpening. Love the texture as it glides smoothly on the brows, and the color (mine #11) suits perfectly to my hair color. So this is my champion.